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极速赛车168官方开奖结果-168极速赛车最快现场开奖直播计划-正规极速赛车官网开奖网站 becomes 22nd state to protect women's sports

ADF Senior Counsel Christiana Kiefer:  “Girls deserve equal opportunities to experience the thrill of victory. We commend Missouri for becoming the 22nd state to ensure women and girls can compete on a level playing field. The increasing incidents nationwide of males dominating girls’ athletic competitions demonstrate that when the law ignores biological differences, it’s women and girls who bear the brunt of the harm. In light of the Biden administration’s recent attacks on women’s sports, it’s imperative that states continue to step up and affirm that biology, not identity, is what matters in athletics....” 

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NV governor vetoes bill that would have legalized physician-assisted suicide

ADF Senior Counsel Denise Burke:  “Every life is sacred and has inherent value. Physician-assisted suicide is neither compassionate nor an appropriate solution for those who are suffering—it ends an innocent human life without justification. Furthermore, many bills that legalize physician-assisted suicide, including Senate Bill 239, violate the rights of conscience of healthcare professionals by forcing them to participate in ending the lives of their patients. Doctors prescribe medicine, not death. The state shouldn’t order them to act contrary to their duty to act as healers....” 

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Pitt officials violate First Amendment rights of conservative student groups

PITTSBURGH – 168极速赛车正规官方平台 sent a letter Monday to the University of Pittsburgh to inform it that the $18,734 security fee the university charged the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and the university’s College Republicans chapter violated the student groups’ First Amendment rights. ADF attorneys are representing ISI and the College Republicans chapter after Pitt officials incited hundreds of protestors to disrupt an event that the conservative student groups sponsored. The university then turned around and charged the two groups for the security necessary to deal with the university-incited disruption. 

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U.S. Supreme Court

Core Issues

Freedom of 168极速赛车开奖记录查询-极速赛车官方历史开奖记录查询-极速赛车开奖官网 开奖记录下载


Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti: All four of us lost to trans athletes who took away our victories and opportunities (Fox News, 2023-06-09)

Giorgio Mazzoli: Time for a global stand against censorship in the gender debate (Newsweek, 2023-06-08)

Ryan Bangert: The Justice Department's pro-abortion bias threatens civil liberties (Newsweek, 2023-06-01)

Faith and Justice

Faith & JusticeFaith & Justice Magazine: Offered four times a year, Faith & Justice tells uplifting stories of victory and changed lives in which 168极速赛车正规官方平台 and its allies have been privileged to take part.

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